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Belinda Davies Eiderdowns - Vintage Inspired Cosiness!




Featherbeds were only for the rich in the 14th century, but by the 19th century they were a comfort that ordinary people could aspire to - especially if they kept a few geese. The continental quilt in England was also associated with other parts of the European continent and learning how to plump and smooth a bed well was one of the arts of housekeeping. Eiderdowns, or eider down quilts, were introduced to Victorian Britain as a marvellously light and warm substitute for heavy woollen blankets however; they didn't do away with all blankets. British beds were still made up with a top sheet, a couple of blankets and then an eiderdown: always an ornamental item, even when covered by a bedspread. The typical eiderdown was covered in satin or floral chintz, and tightly quilted. They were designed and used at the top of a bed just below the pillow line in conjunction with other bedding especially on colder nights when an extra layer was needed. Belinda Davies Eiderdowns are made using traditional processes and techniques and are hand filled with small white downy duck feathers. Each eiderdown is individually designed, measured, and cut by hand to ensure a fine finish that will last.  We offer brand new Victorian inspired eiderdowns which are modern and vintage, machine washable, versatile, warm, cozy and gorgeous!