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Belinda Davies Eiderdowns - Vintage Inspired Cosiness!


Hello and welcome to my website

In a tiny workshop up on Dartmoor I beaver away making quilts which are tradionally made in the English country house style using the same natural materials and methods that were used in a bygone era. I have always loved eiderdowns for their snuggly feel and cosiness and I have a collection of eiderdowns from the 30s-50s but they are too fragile to use and some are much too fragile to launder. I set about making my own quilts that would stand the rough and tumble of every day use, and a teeny weeny business was born. The original quilts I made for myself are still going strong and have been used for years,they are just as lovely now due to the timeless vintage style fabrics.

I pride myself on a quality product which is also ecologically friendly.

Please do contact me if you have any queries or if you would like to see one of my quilts made using a different fabric!